Wealth Management

Clients want investment advice and management that is personalized, completely independent and objective. Our services are performed on a fee basis, so our loyalty and dedication is to our clients, not specific investment products. We also offer services such as: investment education, research, portfolio modeling, trade execution and continuous portfolio management, monitoring and counseling. Here again, we do not receive commissions or rebates on any investment products we recommend.

Many of our financial advisors are also certified public accountants, which enables them to take a more comprehensive approach to understand how investments can affect other areas of your financial and tax situation. This integrated and personalized approach to financial management is why many clients also rely on us to optimize the benefits they receive from their personal and business investments.

We are affiliated with Registered Investment Advisors for both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Securities Commissions. Our agreement with the Fidelity Investments Institutional Brokerage Group allows BTGF to provide clients with the same account protection used by all bank brokerage and exchange member firms.

  • Estate Planning and Business Validation
  • Family Financial Planning
  • Financial Services and Investment Management
  • Insurance Consulting and Placement
  • Retirement Planning