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Buffing Your Business for a Future Sale

    There are in excess of 10,000 people per day turning age 65. It follows that a large percentage of these people are business owners that are starting to have thoughts of selling their business, or transition them to the next generation. Many would-be sellers have put off selling due to the poor economy, […]

How Selling Your Business Isn’t Like Selling Your House: 3 Prep Items that Will Help to Get You the Best Price

The only way that selling your business is like selling your house is the actual decision to do so. Selling your business for the best possible price takes some homework that is worth every minute you put into it. Here are the first three things to do before considering selling your business: Think five years […]

How to Think Like an Entrepreneur…for Non-Profits

  Non Profits have taken an enormous economic hit over the last few years.  It was looming on the horizon for many years but easy to ignore with an economy that was roaring.  The donor pool has shrunk while foundations have increased pressure to make up for the loss. The situation demands thinking that diverges […]

Are You in Sync?

Are you in Sync? Have you noticed? Our world is going mobile. If you’re in business, you may have developed dependency on your smart phone. We thought it might be helpful to list some of the apps that have gotten great reviews and will help streamline and improve your business functions. Here’s our top  list: […]

A Visual Teaching Tool about Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt Explained with a Glass of Water   If you’ve wondered how much you are losing by not paying the full amount to your credit card company, wonder no more. This video is a great teaching tool for both thinking about debt differently as well as teaching your children the reality of using […]