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Managing Your Nonprofit Like a Business – Part II

The Mission Statement The Community Benefit Organization’s sole purpose is to have a societal or individual impact. A well thought out mission statement should be a motivating factor that will encourage: Donors or Grantors to contribute financial resources. Prompt prospective volunteers to give of their time and effort. Engender a sense of organizational identity and […]

Managing Your Nonprofit Like a Business – Part 1

This will be the first in a series of posts on operating a nonprofit organization like a business. We will try to dispel some of the common misconceptions related to nonprofit organizations that have taken root in the public consciousness. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by former President Bill Clinton in […]

So You Want to Start a Non-Profit

The conversation usually starts like this with a client saying, “I want to start a nonprofit.” That’s the beginning of a process of asking yourself, “What is the mission that I’m trying to accomplish and who benefits?” In fact, the very term Nonprofit is falling into disfavor because of the misconception that these organizations are […]