Are You in Sync?

Are you in Sync?

Have you noticed? Our world is going mobile. If you’re in business, you may have developed dependency on your smart phone.

We thought it might be helpful to list some of the apps that have gotten great reviews and will help streamline and improve your business functions.

Here’s our top  list:

  1. Expensify: Cost: Free  Tracks business expenses, mileage and create reports for tax purposes, also uses your phone’s camera to snap shots of receipts and saves to file. Available for Android and IPhone.*
  2. Evernote:  Cost: Free Digital sticky notes to remember everything, make lists, stay on task. Available for Android and IPhone*
  3. Redlaser:   Cost: Free   Uses your phone’s camera to collect pictures of product barcodes then displays the best online and local prices. Available for Android and IPhone.*

You can also shop for apps at:

Our next post will discuss the most important steps for non-profits to become more entrepreneurial.

*There may be data charges associated with use, see your contract for verification.

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